Health Science Supplements

Health Science Supplements is committed to making available high quality nutritional supplements (nutraceuticals) for both health professionals and the public to help fill the 'nutrition gap' between actual intakes of specific nutrients and target intakes for optimal health. The target intakes are based on published recommendations from national and international groups (eg., Dietitians of North America, American Heart Association, international experts and committees, others). Health Science Supplements, as the name implies, believes in 'evidence-based' information from the best of medical and nutritional journals to support nutritional supplementation. Thus, the daily doses, duration of use, and anticipated health outcomes need to be consistent with and based on the peer-reviewed published literature with the specific journal references being fully provided for the potential user of these supplements.

Company History

 Health Science Supplements was founded in 2012 to provide consumers with a source for scientifically-proven and effective nutritional supplements.  We are closely affiliated with and supporters of the DHA/EPA Omega-3 Institute (, which provides objective information on omega-3 fatty acids.  Readers of were requesting recommendations for a high quality and highly enriched omega-3 supplement, and so Health Science Supplements was born.  Although we have started with only providing omega-3 supplements, we will be adding other scientifically-proven nutritional supplements in the near future.